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Rhino Gas Powered Drivers Pounding Fence Posts

We are outside of a guy’s house where we are putting in a backyard fence for a dog. It’s 4 feet tall. We are pounding the posts in.

We brought out the Rhino GPD-40 and GPD-45. We also have a high hand pounder just to show some differences as we go along installing the fence. The video shows all three side by side.

We started with the GDP-45. The post went down at a fairly good pace. No problems with the post. Went down to the GPD-40. It’s hard to tell the difference between the two becasue it’s a small post, the backyard is not very hard for pounding. The soil was firm but not much difference to it and there is not a lot of weight difference between the GPD-40 and GPD-45.

The last one we did was with out hand pounder. It took alot longer to pound than with the gas powered driver. It also took more effort. Just ask Robert.

“One takes physical activity, the other doesn’t,” he said after using the hand post driver. “Way harder work.”

Also with the hand pounding, we had to pound a little harder so it mushroomed the top. Now, occassionally with the other pounders you will also musroom the top depending on the soil condition, hitting a lot of rock or whatever. But in this case we didn’t hit nothing, so we didn’t mushroom any of them. But. once again, you can mushroom them with harding pounding.

So clearly, it is alot easier and quicker with a gas powered pounder than it is using the hand pounder. it’s much easier on the guys, you get a professional job, you’re in and out quicker and the whole job just goes a whole lot smoother.


  1. Theresa Vercammen said:
    April 3, 2019 at 10:58 am


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