Rhino GPD-40

Rhino GPD-40 gets fence posts into tight places

Today, I’m in the backyard of a person’s house. One of our challenges today was to get a fence post close to the building. We didn’t have any footings down there because it has a basement.

As we try to get close to it, the GPD-40 can get real nice and tight to the side of the building here. So that’s a real advantage compared to the other one we brought. We brought the Rhino GPD-45. It has a bracket that will not allow us to get as close. I can be a little bit further away from the building, you might have a hole right there or you’re going to have to pound it in by hand. As you can tell by some of our other videos, pounding by hand is not a very good choice.

As you can see, we did get the post nice and close to the building. It’s nice to have the variety, the right equipment to get as close as you can to certain things whether it’s a tree, a post or whatever.

To get the job done right, have the ability to do it, is half the battle when you are out there putting up fences.

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