Rhino MP-3 Post Puller Pulls Fence Post

rhino mp3 post pullerWe pounded a couple of posts in a few days ago with the Rhino GPD-40 Fence Pro gas-powered post driver.

Today, we are going to pull them out with the Rhino MP-3 post puller.

I will set the post puller in front of the 1 5/8-inch pipe and wrap the chain around the pipe. A lot of times you get it to pull with just one loop around it which I will try today first. If it binds in there good enough it will pull it. If not, it will probably slide right up the pipe.

I extend the handle and push down. It pulled right up. You then raise the handle and the chain slides back down the post to pull again.

Now that it has broken free it’s lifting it how much?

Maybe three inches. We can change the puller to a faster setting by moving the chain at the top of the puller. Putting the chain in the outside position will pull the post faster. I was able to lift the post out when it got to the top. A quick look at the bottom and it looks pretty good. Just sand, no damage.

I’m going to go ahead and pull out the 2-inch piece of 16-gauge tubing. We had a little harder time pounding in the second one. It was tubing but I also might have hit something. We’ll find out when we get this thing up.

This time, I’m going to wrap the chain twice. Sometimes you get a better pull on it when you wrap the chain around twice. I didn’t have enough slack to move the chain back to the inside position, so I just left it there. But I was unable to move the post with the chain in the outside position. That just goes to show you how tight it is in the ground. So, I took the time to properly move the chain to the inside position.

Even with the extra leverage it was in there good.

There’s a lot of torque behind this thing. I pound the post in over 3 feet deep so it’s going to take a little bit to get it out. It started to move so I changed by setting to go a little faster.

Once out, I unwrapped the chain and looked at the bottom. Sure enough, we definitely hit something at the bottom. We bent it pretty good. It caused a problem while we were pounding it, but it looks like we moved the rock.

We got them out of the frozen ground using the Rhino MP-3 Post Puller.

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