Rhino Post Puller MP-3 Tough Piece Fence Equipment

rhino mp3 pullerToday, we had to remove a small little job that we put up about a year and a half ago. It was a temporary job. We took the fence down. We tried out the new Rhino Post Puller MP-3. We didn’t have to have a lot of equipment. The space was tight so we couldn’t get any equipment in anyway.

The posts were pounded into a hard ground surface with some blacktop on top. The first few were pretty hard to pull put but we were able to pull them out. I had to use a little pressure as you can see in the video but they all did come out.

Depending on the job size, if it is a small job like this one it is nice to have small hand equipment. In this situation, the Rhino Post Puller MP-3 works like a fulcrum where you can get a lot of leverage. She popped out of there pretty good with just hand force.

Behind the building it was pretty tight and I couldn’t get larger equipment in there if I wanted to. It does have a long arm but I was able to get that arm in there. And you can see that when I’m ratcheting it up, when it comes closer to the end I’m pushing that arm in so I don’t have to go up and down so far.

In regards to how other fence companies do it, some try to dig it out and pull it or wrap a chain around it and use your own form of leverage. It can be pretty tough. The Rhino Post Puller MP-3 is a pretty tough piece of equipment. I used smaller ones in the past but I don’t think smaller ones would have got this one out.

I just readjusted the chain so it can pull faster. The inside settings is designed for power lifting. Breaking it loose. You then can set it on the outside setting so you can ratchet faster. You have a little more leverage so when you are pulling it down it will come out faster.


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