Self-Locking Bands for Small Chain Link Fence Job

This project is a small chain link fence job for dogs.

More or less a kennel to hold the dog in. This is actually a chain link fence that we are using self-locking bands to provide an extra level of safety. It’s not really a kennel but it is going to be used to hold dogs in the backyard. Not a huge job. It’s only about 70 feet total. We drove the posts in with a Post-Driver rather than use cement.

We’re using Self-Locking Bands for our chain link fence ties.

These bands are nice and neat. They are very durable and can withstand a dog jumping up to the fence and not knocking the fabric off. Self-locking bands are very safe for dogs and other pets. They are not going to hurt themselves on them. Nothing is left out to poke them. A very, very strong fence tie that is quick and simple to use. The fence crew will be in and out of this job quickly.

You have to get the jobs done fast. It’s hard to make a profit these days and there are not a lot of jobs out there that don’t make a lot of profit. So, you have to get the jobs done quickly in order to make a profit. Drive the posts and using Self-Locking Fence Bands are two ways to get the job done faster.

People don’t like to put hook ties on because they have to be twisted two times to be properly installed. A lot of times you will only see the hook ties twisted once. With the Self-Locking Bands there is only one way for them to go on. It’s always correct and it will always hold. With a hook tie, if you do not twist it with two full twists it can easily be knocked off by a dog jumping against it or snow piling up against it. And when you don’t tie a job correctly, the top rail is going to get bent a lot sooner because some ties will get knocked off and some won’t, and it pulls the top rail down in the middle.

Because the Self-Locking Bands are different than the hook ties.

Professionally dress up the fence as the bands lay flat against the post. Most residential users like them better than hook-ties because they look attractive compared to a wire sticking out that’s twisted. Excellent for a nice professional appearance in the backyard, the baseball field, the kennel or elsewhere.

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