rhino pd and kiwi

Two Rhino PD and Kiwi to pound fence posts

rhino pdOn an airport job, we were pounding in about 4,500 feet of 10 foot high fence. They are 15 feet long, 5 feet in the ground. We have a setup that we use to work efficiently and get the job done fast.

What we use is an old Kiwi pounder retrofitted to hold a Rhino Post Driver. We have a Rhino Post Driver PD-140 on top of the Kiwi pounder. We use the Kiwi pounder to actually lift the driver onto the post and help drive it in. The boom actually gets lowered as you are pounding it in down to the 5 foot mark.

We typically put all our corner posts in first so we can run our bottom tension wire. That’s what we use as our line mark. We mark every 10 foot on the grass so they know where to put the next post. We don’t throw any of our post out. We carry our post behind us on the trailer which also holds the air compressor.

As we pound the post down, we have one guy pounding the Kiwi pounder with the air compressor while the other guy is leveling it. The third person stays on the tractor and moves it forward as we get the next post.

It is set up so the tractor has two pounders on it. We have the Kiwi in the back with the Rhino. We also have another Rhino Post Driver in the front with a sleeve on it for a 3 inch post for the corners where we only have three posts to put in while the line posts are set for 2 ½ inch. That’s set up on the Kiwi pounder.

That makes it a lot quicker. We don’t have to unhook and re-hook up or switch out sleeves to go from one post to the other post.

We’re pounding these posts in from 1 ½ to 2 minutes a post depending on any problems like hitting roots or stuff like that.

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