crew members testing rhino GPD 45

Test of Rhino GPD-45 Multi-Pro on frozen ground

Today, we are working on a job to repair a damaged fence from a car going through it. It’s a 6 foot high chain link fence. We are going to drive in 2-inch posts that are 10 feet tall. They are going down a little more than 2 feet.

We are using the Rhino GPD-45.It’s working pretty good. The GPD-45 is Rhino Tool Company’s third gas powered post driver. It has been built with more driving dynamics needed for larger posts. The line of drivers has had a major impact on the fencing industry especially for small tough jobs like this one.

The top two feet is frozen. After that, it softens up and you can see that when you watch the video. It takes a little bit to get going but it frozen ground.

The frozen ground is giving us a little trouble. It is frozen to two feet. After it gets going you can see it crawling down. It takes a little bit of time. You can see the 6-inch marks. It actually performed pretty well for being frozen ground.

I have two more posts we’re going to pound. You can actually see it working.

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