skid steer door

Using a skid-steer door with Installink Jr.

The other day we had a customer inquire about using the door on a skid-steer with an Installink machine. They were running the machine and had a problem with the door. Every skid-steer is a little bit different. We use a Bobcat. Other people use Mustangs. New Hollands. There are different types out there.

We do have a door on our Bobcat. It does open and close with the Installink attached provide the machine is set on the ground. When the Installink is off the ground, the door will hit an attachment arm on the Bobcat. The door will not open if the Installink is a few inches off the ground.

We, typically, take the door off the Bobcat while using it. But people have doors so they can use the heater or air conditioner. Make sure you put the equipment on the ground before trying to exit the skid-steer.

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