Auger torque digging tougher soil

Down pressure helps Auger Torque to work in tougher soil

Today I want to demonstrate the value of using the downrigger on a skid-steer. We are actually at Bichler Sand & Gravel right now weighing our Bobcat on their scale. I have the readouts of the weight of the Bobcat which is about 9,000 pounds and when we use the downriggers and pick up that Bobcat so it’s just on the point of the auger and the two downriggers we got an extra 2,000 pounds bring that down pressure to 3,000 pounds.

Without that down pressure, we were only getting 1,000 pounds of down pressure with that auger. We are just showing the advantage of using downriggers to help dig through rocky or frozen ground.

When he’s pressing down with just the weight of the Bobcat itself on the auger we have down pressure rate of about 1,000 pounds. That’s what he is doing right now. He has the front tires up in the air and we are on the scale. There is 1,000 pounds of pressure at this point.

Now he’s going to pick up the Bobcat with the downriggers. By doing that, we are going to get almost three times the weight of down pressure, almost 3,000 pounds. We went from 1,000 pounds to 3,000 pounds of down pressure which will allow that auger dig that much harder into that soil or rock or concrete or whatever you are digging through.

Once again, that’s the benefit of the downriggers with this auger.

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