How we use a Rhino fence post driver on a chain link job

rhino pdThe Rhino PD-50 is actually run by air.

It will hammer or vibrate the post down. In this case, we are pounding it down four feet. It’s taking about 30 seconds to pound down into the soil.

The hose runs from the Rhino PD-50 all the way to the oiler and then into the air compressor.

Today, we are also using a Bobcat with a boom attached to the bucket. That is to help lift the PD-50 up into the air – it’s 50 pounds – so the guys don’t have to carry them. We have customers who tell us they are standing the PD-50 up on the post and then climbing up a ladder, pounding it down and then sometimes even throwing it down to the ground, which I don’t recommend.

This way, all of the heavy lifting is off of the guys, putting it all on the Bobcat. You can go from post to post all day long without anyone getting tired. It makes for a quick operation, a safe operation. We always have two chains on it. One is a safety chain just in case one breaks. It has never broken but it is there just as a safety measure. At the airports when we have taller posts, the 15 footers, that we pound five feet into the ground we typically use a tractor. We can get it up a little higher and we can see it better than using a Bobcat. Also, using the bucket with the tractor we are using the PD-40 which is a lot heavier. We don’t want to carry those up and down the ladder or put it on a scissors lift.

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Using the tractor and the Bobcat with the boom, lifting it up and down makes common sense and makes things much easier.

There is one more thing that you can get with the Rhino fence post drivers and that’s called the funnel. You can see where our guys are picking it up and putting it in that small hole. A lot of times on the bigger jobs we have a funnel so that it is easier to set it down on the post. It will funnel itself in. Right now, with that 2 inch or 3-inch hole that’s up there, it’s pretty difficult to get a 2-inch pipe in when you’re ten feet up in the air.

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