Our concern for those affected by Hurricane Sandy

Like many people throughout the country, we watch in alarm as we view the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The power of wind and water is amazing.

Initial reports were that the storm caused $20 billion in damage. It’s hard to imagine that much devastation. Sitting on the Great Lakes, we felt the waning winds of the hurricane but nothing like what was felt by those on the east coast.

Not surprisingly, we have not yet heard from our customers and friends who work in the path of the hurricane. We are sure your stories will come. It will probably be some time before your lives return to some normalcy. We hold you in our prayers. Being in construction, we also know you are anxious to get out and help clean up your community, if you haven’t already done so. We already see some of our friends on Facebook reach out to those that might need help repairing their fence that may have been damaged in the storm. Others remain closed, hoping to reopen on Wednesday. Another posting stresses that fence repair should be left to professionals.

It is going to be a long time before the debris from the storm is cleaned up to a state before the storm, if that’s even possible. The Gulf States are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Katrina. The highest demand initially is going to be fencing that provides security. We can take pride to know that we work in an industry that can help communities get back to normal life.

It will happen, even as the remnants of the hurricane flutter the American flag outside our building.

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