Installink Fence DispenserIn this video, we are stretching in about 600 to 700 feet of chain link. It’s 10 feet tall, 9 gauge, 2 inch mesh. We use 100 foot rolls. All of our fabric is laid out in position so when we use the Installink fence dispenser. we just load it up at start stretching it.

Two or three people can stretch in a 400 or 500 foot fence with an Installink Jr. in about an hour to an hour and a 15 minutes. It is just so much easy to dispense fence with an Installink Jr. than it is by hand. In this case, the existing fence line is so close, about 12 feet away. So, we are using our junior model which tilts the cage forward and the door opens on the side to roll the fabric in which allows us to get into a tighter area.

While stretching in a swamp, we stretched in about 800 feet in about 2 ½ hours, three hours tops. When we’re outside the swamp, we can move along real easily. A stretch of 500 foot can be done in an hour to an hour and 15 minutes with an Installink fence dispenser.

Putting the fence up nice and quick definitely means more money in your pocket; you’re more efficient on the job. The faster it’s up the better off we are.