On a project that ornamental fence was added to an existing line at a ball field, we used an Easy Auger rather than a post hole digger or Bobcat with an auger to dig the post holes. We only needed to add about 250 feet of fence along a sidewalk in an area that was sloped. The Mackissic Easy Auger is flexible, maneuverable and fast. It is also operated by one person which is important when you try to maximize the efficiency of the fence crew. It attaches to the hitch of the truck making it extremely easy to transport to the work site.

I don’t like to use our two-man post hole auger because it does take two people to operate it. I’m a big believer in using minimal work crews in order to remain competitive in a tight market. A two-man auger can also throw you around a bit when you hit a rock or root.

The Easy Auger propels itself forward and backwards. That makes it easy to control the direction of the auger and maneuver into place. The operator stands right over the hole when digging to make it easy to see the progress and control the auger. The engine on the Easy Auger acts as a counterweight so the auger is easy to pull out of the hole. No heavy lifting. It’s balanced pretty good so it can be easily lifted in and out. Are you seeing a pattern here? It’s easy. Putting the auger in reverse while digging a hole helps to dislodge any rocks or roots that might cause problems. Compared to the physical demands of using a post hole digger, it is well worth the investment.

The video below gives you a pretty good idea how the Easy Auger works. It’s not a demonstration. It was actually used to complete the job.

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