Today, we are putting some chain link fence up – five foot tall. We have been getting a lot of inquiries on the Internet for the Self-Locking Fabric Bands that we are using on this job. We use Self-Locking Fabric Bands for most of our residential jobs. A little bit more expensive but they are very neat, professional looking and in our area it is a signature item for our company.

These fence Ties are actually installed very quickly as you can see in the video. They are stronger than a hook tie. To put a hook tie on correctly, you are supposed to spin the ends around a couple of times on the wire. Most people don’t. That’s why they have a tendency to come off because most people don’t twist them tight enough.

The top rail is 1 5/8 inches, the line posts are 2 inch and we have a different tie for one of them. They come in boxes of 500. Typically, when you are first ordering them you will be ordering 500 at a time.

In the video, I show you a 2 inch Self-Locking Fabric Band. It goes on a 2 inch line post. I show you how to put it on and why the design is the way it is. The tie has some unique hooks to it. Each are designed for a purpose to put on quickly and hold strongly. The expansion in the middle of the tie is the part that goes over the chain link mesh. The two ends get drawn together, bend around each other and hold each other in place.

When in place, the ends snap together. I hold it in place and grab my pliers. Bend the longer end in, squeeze it together, bend the tap over toward the post and give it a couple of hits with the pliers.

It’s simple, holds fast and makes for a real nice, neat job.