Auger Bucket goes to post holes that other equipment can not

Today we had to do a project out at a golf course and it's pretty hilly, a lot of rocks and they actually took out the side of the hill but in doing so they created a little bit of difficulty for us to get the concrete in the holes. The cement truck couldn't get up there very easily to get the concrete in the holes. So we brought our Auger Bucket. Putting that on the front of the Bobcat actually saved us a lot of time and headaches trying to get the concrete in the hole. Sometimes you get into positions that you can't wheel-barrel it very easily and the Auger Bucket just makes... More

The advantages of running three strands with Barbed Wire Dispenser

Today we are taking out our Barbed Wire Dispenser and we're going to stretch in this complex. I'm going to start over by this gate. I'm going to end up tying it up at this termination post and then I'm going to run it all the way down the line here with three strands all hooked up on the Barb Wire machine just ot show the simplicity of running the wire through the machine. If I was to do this job by hand I'd be running one strand at a time. I'd have to hook it up, run the wire out by hand - walk it out or pull it out - and then I'd have to stretch it on the other corner. With the... More

How to use the large 6 5/8 Easy Twist Fence Tie

Today, I want to talk about our 6 5/8 inch fence tie. This is an Easy Twist Tie. It has a big U-shape to it. It rolls like a little cup here. It's designed that way so we can slide it through the fence to be able to come around. So when I pass this through I'm going to pass this through the fabric right here and underneath that lip . I'm going to come over on this side and finishing passing it through and pulling it right up. You can see how it fits inside there. Then I pull that wire around and it should come around together nice an easy right here. So, when it comes time to tw... More

Making a choice on an Easy Twist Tie for certain fence jobs

Today, I want to mention a little bit about our Easy Twist Ties versus our Twist Tight Ties. The different applications that we use them for. This one is a 2 inch, 11 gauge tie. My application is for a golf course. It's maintenance building. We have chain link on this job and it's not a spec job. So I'm using my 11 gauge because it is a lot easier to use. The 11 gauge tie is still stronger than a 9 gauge aluminum tie. A lot of my competitors use aluminum hook ties. I typically use an 11gauge Easy Twist Tie. It's a little more costly but yet the production that I get and how they ... More

How use the Barbed Wire Dispenser to pull three strands

Today, we are working with our Barbed Wire Dispenser machine. We are going to set it up. There is no barbed wire on it yet. These are all fresh rolls. What we have to do is make sure they are laying down properly so it untwists in a certain way so it goes on the the machine. We'll show you that as we put it on. These are sitting down right. We are going to pick it and set it on the first one here. That's sitting on here. You have a little web work here up on top you can see it. There's some web work. On the bottom of this roller here you can see where we have the bolts. Those... More

How to use fence hangers to hold up chain link before tying

Today I want to talk a little bit about our hangers that we use. It's a pipe, 1 3/8 inches, cold roll rod that's bent. We use these temporary hangers when we are running out the chain link fence, whether rolling it out on the ground or coming out of our Installink machine, we are going to use this to hang the fence with it. How I use it, I just pass it through the chain link mesh and I hang it on top of the top rail. I just pop it through the top of the fabric and hang it over the top rail. This will hold it to about the right height that I want for when it comes time to tying. I w... More